Dubai is the land of sparkling skyline full of big buildings like Burj Khalifa. Already, one of the top places to visit in Dubai, but they are eyeing more the first spot, and soon it will become one.

Most people who visit Dubai goes there to see the extremely mixture of new and old traditions. Here you can find the best theme parks like the IMG world adventure, or an indoor Zoo, and underwater aquarium in the Dubai Mall.

Also, it has a man-made beach, palm beach which is one of the most beautiful places. When it comes to adventure sports, you have doon dashing, sky diving, sandboarding, skiing, and Bungee jumping, and so on.

All this makes Dubai an appealing place to visit. But many people are worried about safety there. They think that Dubai is not safe, which is not true. The laws here are a little strict, but as long as you follow the laws, you will be safe. Also, because of the spread of novel coronavirus, you must follow strict measures while traveling to Dubai.

Here are some things you should know to visit Dubai safely.

Be respectful during the month of Ramadan

In the ninth month of the year, people here observe Ramadan. If you visit Dubai, during this month, you should be respectful towards the people. This means, not eating or drinking in  front of them before sunset.

Dress in modest clothes

People follow tradition in Dubai, so don’t go around wearing shorts or sleeveless dress in the public or the malls as its cold there. You can wear them on the beach. If you want to wear sleeveless, have a shrug with you, in case you need to cover yourself. Also, wear full clothes while going to any religious places, otherwise, you won’t be able to get in.

Have travel insurance

It doesn’t matter that you are in Dubai for a few days. It is best to have travel insurance as con-man can scam you anytime and anyhow. Also, if you get sick there, the medical expenditure and flight cancellation charges will be too much. So, don’t go to visit Dubai without having an insurance. Don’t use drugs
Drugs usage has a zero-tolerance policy in Dubai, UAE. It is best to not indulge in any recreational drugs.
You should not even drink in public. If you want to have a drink, go to a bar or lounge which has a license for the same.

Note: Due to increasing number of COVID-19 cases, the screening of passengers is happening here. If the cases increase, the UAE might cancel visas for visitors for some time.

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