When it comes to the main attractions in Dubai, shopping certainly takes the crown. Known as the king of shopping, Dubai has tons of malls, shopping centres, and street shops making it one of the best destinations of shopping.

For people, who love to shop, Dubai is heaven.  Shopping is the best attraction in Dubai for anyone who loves to spoil themselves with top-of-the-line clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories.

Let’s check out the best shopping site in Dubai.

  1. Sauq Madinat Jumeriah

One of the biggest attractions in Dubai is this middle-eastern bazaar which is classier than you will expect. You will find this shopping centre in Madinat Jumeriah resort on a private beach.

You will find the best quality of handicrafts here. They are valuable and often expensive with no bargaining scope.

It is also the perfect place to find souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends. Two places where you must go are Al-Jaber Gallery and National Iranian Carpets.

  1. Dubai Shopping Festival

Shopping malls are not the only place where you can shop in Dubai. In January, you can shop at the Dubai Shopping Festival. This extravagant festival spreads over various locations like Riga street, few malls, Creek, Global Village, and Festival city. It is the most amazing attraction in Dubai for shopaholics.

You can shop a lot here as the discounts are insane with other lucky draws and prizes.

Pro tip: book tickets by November as it will be difficult to find hotels and flights in late December or January.

  1.     Mall of Emirates

It is a shopping resort and the most famous attraction in Dubai. On interchange 4, Sheikh Zayed Road, this luxurious mall has its hold boosting over 80 popular designer brands.

For a shopaholic who loves expensive things- it is a must-visit place. Here you can find:

  • First largest flagship shop of Prada in Middle-East
  • Christian Louboutin’s store
  • Louis Viton
  • It also has fine dining restaurants and hotels for people to energize and relax.
  1.     Dubai Souqs

You can sense a city’s true culture through the eyes of its street. Thus, visiting these middle-eastern bazaars is necessary. Here you will find culture and traditional items and tons of authentic dishes.

You can find the maximum souqs in Al-Dhagaya locality, thus you can easily find it. Various types of souqs are:

  • Deira’s Covered souqs
  • Spice Souqs

Tip: Try your hands at bargaining here. Otherwise, you will end up paying a ton of money. Also, these souqs close at 5 pm, so keep that in mind.

  1. Dubai Mall

The Dubai mall is another popular attraction in Dubai. It is a big shopping mall, and shopping, you can enjoy luxurious meals too. Also, meet aquatic lifeforms in the underground zoo and aquarium present in this mall.

If you are going to Dubai exclusively for shopping, choose a festival month. It is because the deals are amazing, you can get tons of discounts, and you can shop till you drop!

Shopping is therapeutic for many people, and some people visit Dubai for this purpose only. If you too are one of them, book your tickets now at https://www.actiovat.com/ before all flights are booked!