One of the best attractions in Dubai is the underwater aquarium and indoor zoo at the Dubai Mall. It is a must-visit place on your trip to Dubai, UAE. Open 365 days a year, it offers one of the most memorable ocean experiences in the world.

One of the largest indoor aquariums is here, and it can hold up to 10 million liters of water. Also, you won’t find anywhere such a huge aquatic life collection other than this underwater aquarium in Dubai.

In the Dubai mall, other than the aquarium, you also have the option to visit the underwater zoo. Here you can be up and close with tons of aquatic creatures, penguins, and so on. You need a whole day to visit this amazing place and create a memory of a lifetime. The opening hours for these places are from 10:00 am- 12:00 pm.

Let’s learn more about these two beautiful experiences.

Underwater aquarium

In the aquarium, you will come face to face with the fascinating and deadliest predators. You will come face to face with tons of aquatic life form. But the new and main attraction of Dubai is the shark feeding encounter in this aquarium.

Under Water Aqurium

Here you can feel the sharks just centimeters away from your face. How? Well, the divers safely lure the sharks with fishes to the surface, bringing them centimeters away from all visitors. It is a thrilling and heart-racing experience. You don’t need experience for this entailing 30-minutes trip. The amount for this is AED 30 or 12, 939 in Indian rupees. Cage snorkeling which lets you enjoy the aquatic animals from a safe cage. It is 370AED or INR 7,689.90.

Indoor/underwater zoo

Another fascination here is the underwater zoo. Meet piranhas, penguins, water rats, jellyfish, sea horse, and so many more creatures. The zoo has recently added two more attraction here:

UAE’s Night Creatures

This new adventure takes you on a mysterious yet fascinating tour on an Arabian wildlife tour. It shows an assortment of creatures that are part of the desert night-life. It educates people on how these creatures survive in the desert environment here.

The enclosure includes animals like:

  • Fruit bats: The only mammal that can fly.
  • Bat owl: They have the most acute hearing skill.
  • False Cobra: native to North Africa and Arabian peninsula, they share some similarities with the king cobra.
  • Veiled chameleon: They can take the color and shape of any leaves.
  • Desert hedgehog: Deaf and blind, they hunt their prey using scent.

There are other animals too, but these are the biggest attractions.

King Croc

  • This exhibit has the famous king croc who is 40 years old and labelled as problem crocodile due to its aggressive nature. To protect it and other crocs and humans, it needs to remain in a protected environment.
  • It weighs around 750 kg, and its length is 5 meter and will keep increasing in length in the coming time.


With such an amazing attraction, this underwater zoo and aquarium are a must-visit in Dubai. Pre-book your tickets for a smooth experience.