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Suppliers FAQ

How can I sell on Actiovat ?
First, you need to sign up as a partner, after getting the admin approval and uploading the required docs, you can start listing your tours, your profile will be checked by a member of our quality control team to make sure that your service meets Actiovat standards.
How much does it cost to sell on Actiovat ?
Actiovat business model is based on commission, we charge you $0 for registering and listing your tours, we have different commission structures 15% commission on each tour sold on our platform in Normal listing 20% commission on each tour sold on our platform in Featured listing which means your Tour or Activity will appear in the top of our Search result
What does Actiovat commission include ?
Actiovat commission includes all online payment fees, currency conversion, bank transfer fees, marketing, and customer service fees
How will I receive my payment ?
You will receive your payment on a monthly bases after deducting our commission percentage, the payment is due at the end of the month in which the tour had been conducted, the payment will be sent on the 15th day of the following month.
What is the payment threshold ?
If the payment has not reached $150, Actiovat has the right to postpone the payment release to the next payment cycle that occurs every month to ensure reaching the required minimum payment.
What is Actiovat cancellation policy ?
Actiovat doesn't have cancelation policy and each company can set each activity cancelation policy during adding the activity
Can you transfer money to any country ?
In which currency does Actiovat transfer the money ?
the company can choose its preferred currency and we will transfer the money on chosen currency regardless of the currency customer used to pay for the booking

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