In the UAE, Dubai is known as the best futuristic city. It is one place where you can find any adventure sport. The geographical landscape of this place is such that it can host a ton of adventure sports. From hot air balloon to skiing to desert safari, any thrilling sport you want to try, you can here.

It is the perfect vacation place for the adventure seeker. Once the novel coronavirus ends, you should certainly plan a trip to Dubai.

In this blog, we will explore 5 aerial adventure sports to do in Dubai.


  • Sky diving

Sky diving is one of the most sorts after adventure sport here. From a height of 13,000 feet, jump from the Dubai plane and feel the adrenalin rush.
The speed of the fall is as high as 201 Km/hour. People who are above 18 and under 100 kg weight limit can indulge this activity.
The cost for this adventure sport here 30,000 in Indian rupees.

sky diving


  • Bungee jumping

The world record of Bungee jumping was set here. So, you should certainly try it at Dubai Gravity Zone.It is a daredevil sport, and you must be brave at heart to try this. There are many variations like for a 50m high-jump, 14 years is the minimum age limit and 120 Kg is the maximum weight limit. The cost for the same in Indian rupees is 7,000.


  • Hot air balloon

Looking down at the beautiful architecture of Dubai and enjoying the exotic skyline from Hot air balloon? It doesn’t get better than this. From your hot ride above, you can look at Burj Khalifa, Persian Gulf, and Burj Al Arab.
Take the ride in the morning because as the day progresses, the weather becomes harsher. The cost of this sport is ₹ 17,300.


  • Microlighting

Fly around the Dubai skyline in an aircraft in this amazing sport. Microlighting or Ultralight uses a lightweight and fixed-winged craft landing at a low speed. For a 15-minute trip that flies you around mountains and desert, you have to pay ₹ 2,900.
It can fly only one or two people, and the age limit for the same is 14 years or above.



  • Zip-lining

Go from destination to other at 1,800 ft height above ground using a zipline. One of the most thrilling sports in Dubai is zip-lining. The sport only takes second, but the speed is 60-70 kilometre an hour, so the rush will stay for long. Dubai Fountains and Dubai Marina XLine are two places where you can try Zip Lining for 12,000 Indian rupees.


  • Helicopter tour

Along with the aircraft ride, you can also tour Dubai, using a helicopter ride. It is an enthralling experience, and the feeling is simply amazing. The cost for the same is ₹ 10,000.

You won’t find this many aerial sports at one destination. Dubai is truly an amazing city where you not only experience amazing architecture, or an indoor zoo but make memories trying your hands of thrilling sports.