Dubai is an amazing place for every adventure sports lover. The geographical landscape of this place is such that it can host tons of adventure sports. If you love skiing, you can do it here, or you can ride a doon bash or you can do sky diving here.

Most people who come here visit famous places like Burj Khalifa and the Dubai mall where underwater zoos and aquariums are. But their next stop is certainly the places where you can become a part of these thrilling sports.

The amazing part is that whatever adventurous things to do in Dubai you pick, you will get an amazing view of the city and it is breathtaking.

Here are 5 adventurous things that you simply have to try in Dubai.

  1.     Dune bashing

The first adventurous thing to do in Dubai is dune bashing. The best part of this thrilling sport is that it is a family sport. The age limit is three years old, so even your children can be part of something exciting.

Combine it with desert safari, and it will be a treat for your whole family. What is it exactly? Well, get comfortable in an SUV which will take off at a high speed bashing the sands. It’s thrilling and exciting, and you may ride a big red model which is the newest and top SUV car.

The price for this exciting sport in Indian rupees is 3,900.

  1.     Snowboarding

You can ski anywhere as finding snow is easy in your country. But snowboarding might be something new. When you slide down the dunes here, your heart is in your mouth, and it is the best feeling.

At Al, Hamer, you can snowboard at the speed of 100m, given you are 13 years and above.

Price-4,200 ₹.

  1. Shark diving

Want to see a shark up and close? Well, in the Dubai mall you can. In the underwater aquarium, which can hold about 10 million liters of water, you can swim with sharks and other aquatic creatures.

You can even feed them, or you can see them locked in a cage for safety. The minimum age limit is 10 years.

Get the tickets to the aquarium in advance so that you can dive with sharks and see other animals like the king croc.

  1. Racing

Love driving a sports car? Well, you must certainly try your hands at this thrilling sport here. Go to the motor city in Dubai, and take part in the race in one of the amazing sports cars which drives at 100 km/h in mere four seconds.

The age limit is 21 years, and the maximum weight is 112 kg. Price- 1,400 INR.

  1. Jet skiing

Want to enjoy the whole of Dubai’s landscape from the sea? Then, jet skiing is the perfect way to do it. You can view the Persian Gulf or the Gulf Burj Al Arab by paying 12, 400 in Indian rupees.

If you are going for a one-week vacation, try to include at least three of these sports. Go to and book your tour now.