Dubai was a small village where fishing was the main source of income. But less than 50 years into the future, it is one of the most glamorous, luxurious, and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Dubai tour is the perfect family vacation for 2020. It is a second-most desired vacation destination in the world after Bangkok. The reason for the same is the beautiful architecture, exotic skyline, deserts and beaches.

Moreover, you don’t have to settle just for exotic sceneries, you can play any exotic thrilling sports here. If you are not convinced yet, let me take you through 4 reasons why a Dubai tour in 2020 is perfect for you.

Reason 1: The amazing weather

Year around Dubai has hot and humid weather, and yeah it includes winter too. That is why you can visit it anytime as the weather is quite too.

But for people living in a cold climatic condition, a Dubai tour between December and January is perfect. During these months, the weather is soothing, and you can enjoy the sun or indulge in some exciting activities.

You can enjoy the beach even in December as the weather is quite warm, so you can get that summer tan even in December too.

Reason 2: Thrilling adventurous sports

Dubai is an amazing place to try a lot of thrilling activities. Want to try driving or snowboarding on dunes? You can here! Want to skydive or want to see the view of Dubai from a hot air balloon? You can do that here too.

Other adventurous sports to try here are skiing, jet skiing, and race, and so on.

Also, you can find one of the biggest underwater aquariums and zoos here in the Dubai mall. Here you can dive with sharks, even feed them, and or visit the biggest crocodile in the world at the King croc exhibit.

Reason 3: Best place to ring in the new year and Christmas

Throughout December, you can enjoy amazing fireworks and fairy lights. But on Christmas and new year eve, you cannot mist the sound and light show at the Burj Khalifa. It is one of the best in the world, and what better way to bring in the new year?

Also, you can enjoy a mix of traditional and modern Dubai celebration this month. You can get the sense of this from street festivals, events, parties, and so on. 

Reason 4: Exclusive events

During December, various exclusive events are happening in this fabulous city. To name a few- Dubai International Film Festival, UAE National day festival, and shopping festival amongst others.

Reason 5: Amazing places to visit

Dubai is home to so many wondrous places in the world. Here you can visit the man-made beach- Palm beach. Or you can visit the tallest building in the world-Burj Khalifa, or enjoy shopping in the Dubai mall which has more than 1400 shops.

The reasons for a Dubai tour are endless, but these 5 reasons should give you enough push to book the tickets for your tour now on